[TOS] Son of Izar

15-30 minutes
Federation Any Level

Mission Description

January 20, 2245 Early Original Series era. This mission allows you to relive the final days of the 4 Years War against the Klingon Empire. You will part of the naval group Captain Kelvar Garth assembled to fight with his legendary tactics at Axanar, Antos and other historical key core star systems. Set in the early days of the Original Series, when Robert April was TOS Enterprise CO, trying to fit her ready to sail. Best played with your 23c TOS Original Series character and ship. To enhance immersion it's advised to change color to the uniforms collars (black to shirt's color), and to use any TOS class ship BUT the Constitution class (NOT like the TOS Enterprise). The default TOS Pioneer class ship or any other TOS class will do. Insert point is Beytan system, Beta quadrant. After insertion, you will be inserted into the said historical timeframe, at Saphron Expanse.

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