The Wounded Wolf

1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Level 31+

Mission Description

“The Wounded Wolf” tasks you with tracking down a newly installed Starbase commander, who has reportedly gone rogue after militants from a nearby planet, launch an attack on station personnel. The skeleton crew aboard the station is junior in service and largely inexperienced, and have found themselves ill-equipped to handle the growing situation. Starfleet has dispatched you and your ship to the Trivas system in the Alpha Trianguli sector block, to locate Captain Wolf and to bring the situation under control. The further you delve into the circumstances surrounding the Captain’s absence, the more it seems likely that Captain Wolf abandoned his post to embark on a mission of rage fueled vengeance. What you find even more troubling is a growing belief that Captain Wolf, in his reckless retaliation, has been interfering with the evolution of life on the planet below. It seems impossible; a Starfleet Captain's most solemn oath is that he will give his life, even his entire crew, rather than violate the Prime Directive. What could possibly have cause a once decorated Captain to abandon his oath and his principals? You’ll find very little help from the fiercely loyal station crew as your investigation unfolds, but the reason soon becomes glaringly apparent. You’ll need to rely on all of your experience as a ship Captain to resolve this mission, and your success will depend on a combination of ground and space combat prowess, puzzle solving skills and diplomacy. Good luck, Captain!

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