The Terrible Teens: Episode 1

15-30 minutes
Federation Any Level

Mission Description

The Terrible Teens: Episode 1 (A Fast Foundry Frolic) Teenagers can be tempermental, right? So, what happens when you have an extremely brilliant teenager... who is also half-Vulcan, half-Bajoran and has some serious emotional issues? Oh, and whose parents are high profile Starfleet consultants? Admiral Marconi is asking for your help to get this young woman to her father on Vulcan... before she causes an interplanetary diplomatic catastrophe of unknown proportions! To begin this mission, you'll need to pick up counselor Maroia Antax from the sub-level office space of Earth Space Dock. Take the turbo lift below the infirmary to Deck 83 - Red. (Be sure it is RED, not Blue.) Her office door is on the left. All combat in this mission is OPTIONAL! A few special button symbols to look for: [Tac.] = This option includes combat [>>] = This option is faster and eliminates some of the dialogue or optional objectives. [Dip.] = This option avoids combat and probably involves more reading.

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