Stormfront I: The Ship

30 minutes - 1 hour
Federation Level 41+

Mission Description

Starfleet tracking stations have reported an unidentified object, classified Gamma-703F, entering and crossing Federation space for the past few months. Considered unremarkable, it has just been upgraded to a Class 1-B threat as several Borg ships have been identified on an identical vector on a pursuit course. Ignoring outlying stations and punching straight through perimeter defences the Borg seem to be intent on catching up with the object. Your mission is to a) intercept and neutralise the Borg ships and b) investigate the object. You will be assisted by the USS Farsight and a specialist first contact team under Admiral Lockwood and Captain Valanna. Entry point: Europani System in the Regulus Sector Block Author's note: Story-based mission with heavy dialogue. Optional challenges on Celenth III. Part one of the Stormfront trilogy: II - Paladais Return III - Valanna's Throne

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