The Hive: Resurrection

1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Level 41+

Mission Description

Task Force Omega has learned that The Borg are attempting to create a new Unimatrix in the Beta Quadrant. Admiral D'Vak is preparing to confront this new Borg menace before it can reach deep into Federation and Klingon space. You are ordered to Cestus III to assist in protecting that world during the main assault. However, the fleet around Cestus III may have more trouble than they realize. This mission serves as a side story to The Hive Special Task Force Mission. Level Requirement: 41+ Average Time to Complete: 1.5 hours. Players: 1 (Recommended) Starting Point: Cestus System An order of missions involving the crew of the Ikazuchi. "A Price for Eurydice" "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" "Dark Star" "The Hive: Resurrection" "The Endless Risian Summer" (Coming Soon!) "Two Minutes 'Til Midnight."

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