The Anger in the Sky

15-30 minutes
Federation Level 51+

Mission Description

[MissionInfo]"The dead call the dying, and finger at the doors." - XIX, A.E. Housman[/MissionInfo] PRIORITY ONE MESSAGE FROM STARFLEET COMING IN ON SECURE CHANNEL: Dyson Command has detected a Cooperative distress signal from a nebula near Jouret IV. An unusual anomaly has also been detected in the nebula and, given its proximity to the Dyson Gateway, it is imperative that your vessel approach with caution. [OOC]NOTE: Mission is STORY focused. Info in GREEN is important. Read it. It's assumed that neither you nor your character understand Klingon (though, if you can read Klingon, some dialog will enhance your experience). WARNING: Rank 51+. TEAMING NOT RECOMMENDED. Difficulty increases and players can get trapped at spawn points.[/OOC] [MissionInfo]Mission begins at Jouret IV (near Dyson Gateway). Time: 50+ minutes.[/MissionInfo] [OOC]Thanks for selecting this Foundry Mission. Your constructive comments help fix and improve the mission.[/OOC]