Shore Leave Under Siege

1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Any Level

Mission Description

Diplomatic/non-combat/romance You finally took that vacation to Betazed. Peace, quiet & the great outdoors. What could spoil it? Certainly not the 4 bridge officers who tagged along. When Admiral Beya enlists your help bringing a potential ally into the Klingon war effort, your holiday takes an eventful turn. A new alien race. A girl with remarkable skills. A city under siege. Faced with a choice that could win or lose the war, can you do the right thing? INCLUDES: * HEAVY dialogue/optionals. Or SKIP * Set in 2409 pre-New Accord * Built for roleplay immersion * Player NOT forced to be attracted to female character. *Ground only/Custom maps. * Single Fed player/ANY LEVEL *1hr+ ADVICE: *Take a SCI, TAC & Engineer for dialogues *Feel free to dress casual (BOFFs too if you wish) *1st mission, very experimental To begin, go to Betazed in the Betazed Sector of the Alpha Quadrant First published: March 1st, 2014

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