[ROM]Straight Through the Mirror

30 minutes - 1 hour
Klingon Level 41+

Mission Description

For KDF-Romulan Captains. For centuries, the Romulans in the Mirror Universe have remained silent. No communication attempt has been answered, and no expedition to their territory has returned. Nothing is known of what goes on in that dark corner of space. Are they watching? Have they been content to sit out the conflicts among other empires, or have they been biding their time? The truth is very different. The Romulan Ascendancy has been the silent protector of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, guarding against threats from without, while leaving the other races to govern themselves. It is they who prevented the return of the Iconians, and they who keep the Borg at bay. They see it as their duty to protect the other races, but their code of non-interference in internal affairs strictly prohibits any interaction. But all that is about to change.

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