Orshan's Eleven (Part 2 of 2)

30 minutes - 1 hour
Federation Any Level

Mission Description

Part 2 of 2 Crime caper. An old fling calls you out of the blue inviting you to join her in a lucrative heist. With your ship and crew held to ransom, it's up to you and your best team to out-smart, out-fight and out-thieve a host of would-be robbers to find a horde of hidden treasure. INCLUDES: *The 1st mission I actually built in Foundry *For Single FED player (Starfleet officer) *Dialogue heavy *Custom built maps. *This is a sequel to Shore Leave Under Siege *45 mins+ ADVICE: *Take an Engineer, Tactical & Science officer *WARNING: You will be forced to do something unethical *2nd appearance of Kirri *There are no casinos To begin, head for the Ferenginar System in the Ferenginar Sector of the Alpha Quadrant

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