[Ico] The Alternative

30 minutes - 1 hour
Klingon Level 57+

Mission Description

Tales from the Frontlines AN ICONIAN WAR ANTHOLOGY - A Foundry Community Project - A Klingon KDF mission While the Krenim toy around with the timeline there are true warriors willing to meet their end in search of a weapon worthy of song! Join a real battle! Go to the Kahless Expanse in the Gorath Sector of the Beta Quadrant and test a weapon that will help us to ATTACK the Iconian taHqeq veQ! INCLUDES: *Single KDF player/ Level 57+ * Takes place during The Iconian War series, immediately after episode ‘Butterfly’ *Designed primarily for Klingon RP *Ground and space *Story-driven with optional dialogue and combat *45 mins+ *ENVIRONMENTAL SUIT REQUIRED First published: August 29th, 2015

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