Honor of the Empire

1 hour - 2 hours
Klingon Level 50+

Mission Description

This mission is the Finale to the three part "Honor of" series by sirboulevard. If you have not played "Honor of Ferasa" or "Honor of Orions" (and preferably in that order) you should do that before playing this mission. Following the incident with the Shiassi in the Azure Nebula, the Klingon High Council convenes to discuss the ongoing threat, only to find it knocking on their door. Win or lose, the Empire will be changed forever... This mission is intended for loyal KDF officers. Romulan Republic players may find dialogue inconsistant with their storyline. Mission also contains a very high level of difficulty. Please prepare yourself before playing. Mission begins at a door way in the alley behind the Tailor on Qo'nos.

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