Gemini [SSF-1]

1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Any Level

Mission Description

A deadly foe strikes at the heart of an alien world as you try to uncover the depths of a conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything that someone holds dear. The Undine seek to plunge the sector back into war, but are they the true threat? Team up with Starfleet Security in their first episode to protect the peace that has cost so much to achieve and a people that may yet pay the price for it. Begins at the Regulus System. Related missions: -Polarity [SSF-2] -Entropy [SSF-3] -Continuity [SSF-4] -Echoes [SSF2-1] -Inversion [SSF2-2] -Entanglement [SSF2-3] -Refraction [SSF2-4]

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