Falling Star

1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Level 16+

Mission Description

DESCRIPTION: Rumors are swirling that things have fallen apart on the USS Exodus, a ship that's been stationed in the farthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant for the past two years. Are the rumors true, or is its captain, Chloe Baxton, merely the victim of a smear campaign by colleagues envious of her vast achievements? TO START: Speak with Commander Tafeng, the severe-looking Vulcan, who is standing across from the Ship Requisition officers in ESD. TO LEAVE ESD: After you've spoken with Tafeng, go all the way up the main ramp in ESD to the Space Dock Operations wall, then hang a right until you hit a door that says "Authorized Personnel Only." The door is in the area right outside Admiral Quinn's office, near Ensign Rrak, the Caitian officer in Operations. DISCLAIMER: Please note--the story involves heavy role playing and there is more emphasis on character and story than there is on combat. In it, you will play a graduate of the Academy who was once a classmate of Cadet Chloe Baxton, a star pupil who graduated at the top of her class. You were on friendly terms but you were always a bit envious of her success. If your character is already well-defined and doesn't really fit this description, you may want to pass on this mission. However, if you're looking to flesh out a toon you're still trying to develop or you want to play a mission that's more on the character development side, you might get a kick out of this. It's very unlike a typical pew-pew-pew mission. I promise!

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