Epoch, Part 1 [AEI]

30 minutes - 1 hour
Federation Level 35+

Mission Description

We find ourselves at the end of time. Ahead, there is nothing but a glimmer. Now begins our fall from the Apex. Now we will decide our future. Epoch is the culmination of Eons, Trident, and Apex. It begins a two part series that will take you 4.6 million years into the future to confront the end of our civilization. Prevous AEI missions are not required to play, but Apex is encouraged. Begins at the Archer System, Narendra Sector Related missions -Trident, Part 1 [AEI] -Trident, Part 2 [AEI] -Eons [AEI] -Apex [AEI] -Polarity [SSF2] -Echoes [SSF2-1]

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