1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Level 35+

Mission Description

Tasked with protecting the Federation President from a ruthless anti-Fed group known as the Pro Myriad, how will you handle yourself when things go terribly wrong and the lines are blurred beyond reason? How far will you go to get to the truth? How strong is your conviction? INCLUDES: *Single Fed player/ Level 35+ *1hr+ (This is a long one) *Story driven. *HEAVY Ground and Space combat *This is the 3rd appearance of Kirri (for her timeline) *Mission works even if you never met Kirri before *Designed for Starfleet captains *Please take a tactical, engineering, and science officer *Space suit optional (Take one if you have one) To begin, go to Tellar System in the Tellar Sector of the Alpha Quadrant

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