[AEI] Lightning in a Bottle

15-30 minutes
Federation Any Level

Mission Description

[MissionInfo]A mysterious signal detected by the Enterprise-E crew has recently come under scrutiny when a probe left behind begins detecting unusual phenomena from a star system not far from Starbase Magellan. Your investigating crew must restore ancient tech to save the entire sector from a dangerous relic of a world lost to time and space.[/MissionInfo] "Captain’s log, stardate 54089.6: En route to a conference at Nerendra III, we've intercepted a radio burst from Tyco 197-371. Lt. Cmdr. Data has determined it to be artificial rather than a natural phenomena, and even found patterns indicating subtext in the transmission. Tyco's second planet is believed the source. However, on arrival, we have detected no subspace activity and 197b appears to be abandoned. We are leaving a class-1 probe in the hopes that the mystery of the 'Tyco Signal' may one day be solved" -- Capt. Jean-Luc Picard [MissionInfo]Mostly ground. REQUIRES EV suits. Jetpacks STRONGLY recommended.[/MissionInfo]

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